There is no doubt that Dubai is home to everyone. Being the most popular international city, it is a hub to a number of communities in the world. Although New York and London also enjoy the reputation of being international cities, what Dubai offers is purely genuine.

Unlike New York and London where most expatriates are born and bred in America and England respectively. Expatriates in Dubai are mostly the visitors, who are working in the city and staying in expatriate-friendly places.

Since Dubai has Port De La Mer apartments for sale, you should spend your vacation in Dubai. Other than luxury living areas, Dubai offers a great range of restaurants that serve the most delectable foods in the world.

Take a look at the list of some of the best authentic restaurants in Dubai.

  1. Indonesian: Betawi

This Indonesian restaurant is almost always crowded because it serves the most authentic Indonesian food in the world.

Other than classic Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Padang, the restaurant also serves Simoy, which is a mouth-watering Indonesian dish that has fish dumplings, cabbage and peanut sauce. Furthermore, Betawi also serves amazing and full-filling salads.

  1. Vietnamese: Hanoi Naturally

This Vietnamese restaurant is located within the Vietnamese community in Dubai, but you will get to meet lots of Europeans in the restaurant as well. Vietnamese who are temporarily visiting Dubai, claim that dishes served at Hanoi are the same as the dishes prepared in their home country.

The menus of the restaurant are extensive and suitable for multiple tastes. The most iconic Vietnanesmes called Pho Ga is also on the menu.

  1. North Korean: Pyongyang Okryu Gwan

Believe it or not, Dubai also greets North Korean cuisine!

Pyongyang Okryu Gwan is a popular North Korean restaurant in Dubai, where authentic North Korean food is served. All the employees of the restaurants are North Korean and they even perform the traditional North Korean dance while serving their customers.

  1. Ethiopian: Zagol Betekitfo

This small and cozy Ethiopian restaurant sits in the heart of Al Karama. In Zagol Betekitfo you can find authentic Ethiopian dishes at very low rates. If you are visiting this restaurant, make sure you order Beyayenet, a popular Ethiopian dish that is made up of different sauces, lentils and curries.

  1. Chinese: Beef King

This place is an ultimate go-to for Chinese and is particularly popular for serving the best hot pot!

Just in case you are not familiar with what a hot pot is, it is basically a pot in which you boil water and add the ingredients into the bubbling water one by one on the table.

Other than this iconic Chinese hot pot, you should also try the restaurant’s popular Chinese delicacy called jellyfish salad.

  1. Southern Indian: Calicut Paragon

Dubai is like a food temple to south Indians, especially from Kerala. According to Indian communities in Dubai, the food served at Calicut Paragon is better than Kerala per se.

It is no surprise that this authentic restaurant is 24/7 packed with Indians and during weekends, you almost need a miracle to find a vacant table. Nearly, everything on the menu if the restaurant is worth giving a try, but cooked fish inside banana leaves is the restaurant’s speciality.

  1. Northern Indian: Gazebo

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and not just in terms of ethnicity and culture, but also because of the variety of food in the country. The gazebo is one of the most popular north Indian restaurants in Dubai. The speciality of this restaurant is biryani and chicken tandoori.

  1. Pakistani: Wakha

This restaurant serves shenwari food, which is basically the traditional food of Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistanis not just from Dubai but also all over the world love going to Wakha and enjoy scrumptious meat.

The speciality of the restaurant is Shinwari Lamb Karahi, which has tender lamb meat slowly cooked with vegetables, tomatoes and other spices.

  1. Lebanese: Mezza House

Although there are a number of Lebanese restaurants in Dubai, Mezza House is the most popular among Arab communities of Dubai. The restaurant, however, is a bit pricier, but it is definitely worth the try.

Other than the aforementioned restaurants, there are many authentic restaurants in Dubai. So the next time, you are thinking of going abroad, do your loyal taste buds a favour and choose Dubai. What is even great is that there are District One Villas for sale in Dubai.

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