CBD is a remarkable therapeutic compound that has been touted to cure a wide range of health ailments in a person. It is widely known to treat depression, anxiety, pain, epilepsy, arthritis, and other health issues effectively. But is it equally beneficial and safe for pets? Let us find it out in this article.

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What are the different types of CBD available in the market?

CBD is available in three different types in different varieties of products. These include:

  • CBD from industrial hemp
  • CBD isolate formulas that comprise of only CBD
  • full-spectrum products that contain a very small amount of THC, other cannabinoids, broad-spectrum products, flavonoids, and terpenes so there is no possibility of a “high” effect, as per the journal proceedings.

Effect of CBD on Pets

The CBD products do not have the support of all veterinarians. Furthermore, they aren’t specifically regulated by the FDA.  However, this doesn’t mean that they are unsafe or useless. CBD is impactful in curing pain scores in dogs who have osteoarthritis.

The research has shown that CBD is also beneficial in pups with epilepsy. Regular use of CBD oil has been seen to lower the frequency of seizures in dogs. Moreover, CBD has also been successful in curbing anxiety in cats and dogs.

Risks of CBD’s use in Pets

There have been reported no major adverse side effects of consumption of CBD. High dosage or excess consumption of CBD is the major reason that could lead to negative effects on the body. These high dosages could be around 20mg or 30mg to 100 mg per kg two times a day for a relatively long period.

Though the side effects are not at all life-threatening, they might cause a few unpleasant adverse effects, such as gastrointestinal upset, tiredness, loose stool, etc. These side effects are short-lived in nature and may disappear after the initial few treatments.

CBD products modify the way your liver metabolizes other types of drugs, which could result in harmful side effects in the body. However, if your animal has got liver failure, then you should avoid all types of CBD pet products. This is important as CBD leads to an increase in liver enzyme levels in animals. This can cause inflammation or injury in your liver cells.

For pets who have heart disease, it is beneficial to stick to isolate CBD products, instead of full-spectrum CBD products that comprise THC. This is due to the mind-altering nature exhibited by the CBD compound that can increase the heart rate of the dog.


CBD can be highly effective for your pets if you research the safety of procurement location, purity of ingredients, absorption rate, efficacy, and the right dosage. Understand how your pet would be willing to accept it such as capsules, gummies, etc. Giving CBD in this way in a properly administered manner is surely going to give you desired results from its consumption.