Parkinson disease is a disorder of the brain that results in stiffness and shaking. The patient faces problems in coordination, balance, and walking. Its symptoms generally start gradually and worsen over time. As there is a progression of the condition, individuals have many problems in walking and talking. They also display changes in their mental and physical behavior, have problems with sleep, memory and suffer from mild to acute fatigue.

Dr. Joon Faii Ong completed his graduation in the MBBS BSc (Medicine) program with first-class honors from the Imperial College in London. He desires to become a craniofacial and reconstructive surgeon in the future. He is the CEO and Founder of GyroGear Ltd- the company behind creating the unique wearable device- the Gyro Glove.

The Gyro Glove is a lightweight and unique wearable device that helps patients with essential tremors boost their quality of life. This glove has been created using gyroscopes that are spinning discs that are deployed for creating edge cutting aerospace technology.

When it comes to the gyro glove’s technology, he says that they have been created with gyroscopes. They are found in the toy spinning tops that children like to play with. In this technology, there is a conservation of angular momentum that helps the object stay upright when moving in any motion. They are able to combat the force in any direction proportionately and fast.

He says that this technology has been created and used to evaluate weights, elastic bands, springs, fluid dampeners, hydraulics, shock absorbers that are electromagnetic in nature, soft robotics, and more. However, when it came to the advantages of responsiveness, reliability, and simplicity, nothing came close enough to gyroscopes. He observed that if gyroscopes worked for rockets and satellites, they would work for humans as well.

How does the Gyro Glove help patients with essential tremors and Parkinson’s Disease?

When it comes to Parkinson’s Disease, both men and women can suffer from it. However, research shows that men are more prone to this disease than women. Patients generally suffer from hand tremors, and this is where the Gyro Glove steps in to help them regain their grip as it balances the hand. Besides the above, there are other therapies that patients can embrace to cope with Parkinson’s Disease. They cover occupational, physical, and speech therapies that aid voice and gait disorders, rigidity, tremors, and cognitive function decline. For instance, supportive therapies, the daily regime of a healthy diet and exercise, make the muscles strong and boost balance.

As per Joon Faii Ong people that have Parkinson’s Disease might not respond well to medicines. In such cases, deep brain stimulation is appropriate. It is a surgical procedure that implants electrodes into the brain and connects them into a small device, electrical in nature, in the chest. The electrodes and device stimulate the brain in a pain-free manner that curbs several related symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease like rigidity, tremor, and slowness of movements.

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