You might have come across the term “environmental sustainability” and passed it off as something large corporations and governments think about. Sadly, most people are unaware of what it means and how important it is to curb the evils of pollution, global warming, wildlife extinction, and climate change. Everyone can practice it, and this post will show you how.

What is environmental sustainability, and why is it important?

When it comes to the question of environmental sustainability, it refers to your responsible interaction with the natural environment for curbing depletion and the degradation of the raw natural resources of the planet to allow it for long-term or sustainable quality.

Environmental sustainability is crucial for several reasons. The key ones being to have a healthy community; everyone needs natural resources, clean air, and an environment that is non-toxic. The main goal of sustainability is to effectively utilize the natural resources of the planet so that the community is benefited.

There are generally three principles or phases in environmental sustainability, and they are-

  1. Bio-diversity
  2. Chemical cycling and
  3. Solar energy

The above can be better explained with the following steps-

  • Optimizing the present use of fossil fuels
  • Eliminating waste
  • Reducing or eliminating pollution
  • Recycling
  • Using natural energy and recovering it without transforming it into heat
  • Saving time like for instance, reducing the number of machine use.

Some common examples of sustainable energy are creating green spaces, the use of solar panels for energy, wind turbines, transforming waste materials to energy recycling, and more.

How can you contribute to environmental sustainability?

Now that you know what environmental sustainability is, the next step is to start practicing it in your daily life. You can start with simple steps that have been listed:

  1. You can reduce your home’s energy usage by switching off lights when not in use, unplugging the charger from the electric socket when not charging your mobile phone, etc.
  2. Eat organic food that is grown on local farms. The imported fruits and vegetables you see in supermarkets are the result of huge fossil fuels. You can switch to buy all you need from your local farmers instead.
  3. Planting seeds and trees in the environment
  4. Drinking water from the tap directly instead of buying bottled water
  5. Save water. You can conserve household water by installing water-efficient toilets, switching to showerheads that save water, etc. can be embraced. To save water outdoors, you can construct a landscape that is suited for the task.
  6. Drive less. You can start by banking less on your car when you go shopping for daily groceries or travel to work. You can use mass transport like trains, buses, etc., to reach your desired destinations daily.

Now, you know what environmental sustainability is and how you can start practicing it on a daily. You should spread this awareness to your family and friends so that together, you all can interact responsibly with your environment and save the world!


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